• Started as a family company in 1949, today SuperMax is the second largest manufacturer of razors in the world.
  • Products under the common brand SuperMax are sold in more than 140 countries.
  • Innovation is a driving motive of the company that developed the first disposable razor with 3 and 4 blades.
  • Its brand share is more than 33% of the global market.
  • The sales of the Super-Max brand in Bulgaria strart in 2003.
  • Diversified product range for men and women - complete portfolio, including razors, shaving cosmetics and aftershaves.

Supermax razor

SuperMax 2 Long Handle,24psc cardSuperMax 2 Long Handle,24psc card
SuperMax 2 Long Handle, 5pcs pouch for womenSuperMax 2 Long Handle, 5pcs pouch for women
SuperMax 3 Confidence, 2pcs blister for womenSuperMax 3 Confidence, 2pcs blister for women
SuperMax 3 Ultimate, 4pcs blisterSuperMax 3 Ultimate, 4pcs blister
Supermax ReFresh card 12pcs.Supermax ReFresh card 12pcs.
SuperMax 3,12pcs cardSuperMax 3,12pcs card
SuperMax 3, 2pcs pouchSuperMax 3, 2pcs pouch
SuperMax 3, 2pcs pouch for womenSuperMax 3, 2pcs pouch for women
SuperMax 3, 5pcs pouchSuperMax 3, 5pcs pouch
SuperMax 4 Syrine, 3pcs blister for womenSuperMax 4 Syrine, 3pcs blister for women
SuperMax 4 Syrine, 12 psc card for womenSuperMax 4 Syrine, 12 psc card for women
SuperMax 4, 4 psc blisterSuperMax 4, 4 psc blister
SuperMax 4, 12pcs cardSuperMax 4, 12pcs card
SuperMax 3 blade system with 10 cartridgesSuperMax 3 blade system with 10 cartridges

Supermax cosmetics

SuperMax Shaving Foam 250ml ClassicSuperMax Shaving Foam 250ml Classic
SuperMax Shaving Foam 250ml MentholSuperMax Shaving Foam 250ml Menthol
SuperMax Shaving Foam 400ml ClassicSuperMax Shaving Foam 400ml Classic
SuperMax Shaving Foam 400ml SensitiveSuperMax Shaving Foam 400ml Sensitive