• Cross-M Ltd. is a company established in 1996 with main activity production of medical products made ??of natural rubber latex. The main part of the portfolio belongs to the condoms.
  • Until 2003 production has been carried out entirely in Bulgaria. After that a second factory was established in Malaysia. Currently the two units function with optimized capacity of modern technology and electronically controlled processes.
  • Products: Condoms and lubricants (under brands Sportex and Torpido).

Sportex Condoms

Sportex Chic  3 pcs.Sportex Chic 3 pcs.
Sportex Fire 3 pcs.Sportex Fire 3 pcs.
Sportex Standard 3 pcs.Sportex Standard 3 pcs.
Sportex Power 3 pcs.Sportex Power 3 pcs.
Sportex Orgazm 3pcsSportex Orgazm 3pcs
Sportex Ladies Choice 3 pcs.Sportex Ladies Choice 3 pcs.
Sportex Light 3 pcs.Sportex Light 3 pcs.
Sportex Extra 3 pcs.Sportex Extra 3 pcs.
Sportex Exotic 3 pcs.Sportex Exotic 3 pcs.
Sportex Exclusive 3pcsSportex Exclusive 3pcs
Fresh Strawberry 3pcsFresh Strawberry 3pcs
Fresh Banana 3pcsFresh Banana 3pcs
Fresh Peach 3pcsFresh Peach 3pcs
Sportex Fire 6 pcs. + Lubricant 30mlSportex Fire 6 pcs. + Lubricant 30ml
Sportex Light 6 pcs. + Lubricant 30mlSportex Light 6 pcs. + Lubricant 30ml
Sportex Power 6 pcs. + Lubricant 30mlSportex Power 6 pcs. + Lubricant 30ml