Logistics activity in Incosmetics Jsc includes all functions of the company relating to the import, storage, transportation, packaging of orders and customer service, trade planning and other activities, in order to provide satisfaction to our customers' needs in reaching company goals. We consider that Incosmetics Jsc is an ideal place to promote your company and introduce your products to the Bulgarian market.


WAREHOUSE AREASThe Central Logistics Center owned by Inkofoods Ltd., is located in Sofia and is used jointly by the companies in the group. Its area is more than 3,000 sq m, of which 2,300 sq.m. warehouse areas providing 1,500 pallet places and 800 sq.m. office space. In Gorna Oryahovitsa the companies also use their own warehouse and in the rest regional centers and offices both companies use jointly shared warehouses. Incosmetics has 1400 pallet places in all warehouses that it uses throughout the country.


VEHICLESIn order to ensure timely taking of orders and delivery of goods to the customers, the company has more than 60 passenger and light commercial vehicles and vans. With the available vehicles orders are taken and deliveries are carried out to about 5,000 outlets throughout the country every month. Execution time of orders is up to 48 hours.


ERPThe companies of the group has implemented an ERP system EnterpriseOne, offering a complete solution for planning and managing the company, managing customer relationships, mobility and united communications, planning and management of the warehouse. The main objective of the system is to optimize the financial, human and material resources in the Company and their use, but the fact, that all the company offices in Sofia and the country work in a common information environment and in real time, should not be neglected.